the "New School" of Strength and Conditioning



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5-9pm weeknights, 11am-3pm Saturday. Make theYard your gym. Get your workouts in without all the BS associated with big commercial gyms. Currently there’s a group that trains the squat on tuesday, bench on wednesday, deadlift on friday, and DE Bench on Saturdays. $10 drop-in or $60/month unlimited. Open other hours by request.


Get the most out of 1 on 1 training with a coach. Individualized programming, nutrition, and scheduling.


This is our most popular offering. Nothing produces results like theYard’s group training programs. Limited to 8 people per group, members get plenty of attention from their coach. These are no filler real deal fitness programs. ALL GROUP TRAINING PROGRAMS INCLUDE UNLIMITED OPEN GYM.

Sport Specific Group Athlete: Middle School, High School, College

Tactical Strength Crew: Physical preparation for military, fire, police, and rescue

ManStrength Crew: Men’s fitness group, ages 30+

FemStrength Crew: Women’s fitness that works

the Strength Crew: Powerlifting/Strongman, Abandon all hope ye who enter here…

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